Age Divisions • Fees • Process

Age Divisions

All youth age 5 to 13 are eligible to participate in Jaguars Football and Cheer. All participants must maintain a 70% or better grade average in school. Please see the charts on this page to determine the team for your child's age. The player’s age at midnight on July 31st of the current year shall be the player’s age for the coming season.

Note: Divisions may be combined due to the number of participants needed to create eligible teams.


Division: Age

  • Flag: 5-6-7
  • 8U: 7-8
  • 9U: 8-9
  • 10U: 9-10
  • 11U: 10-11
  • 12U: 11-12
  • 13U: 12-13
  • 14U: 12-13-14


Division: Age

  • Flag: 5-6-7
  • 8U: 6-7-8
  • 10U: 7-8-9-10
  • 12U: 9-10-11-12
  • 14U: 11-12-13-14

2018 Registration Fees

  • Flag Football: $120.00
  • Tackle Football: $180.00
  • Cheer: $155.00 + $60.00 for Cheer Package (due by 6/30/2018)

Additional discounts for volunteers and multiple siblings are available. Partial payments are surrendered if you choose not to play.

2018 Registration Process

  1. Complete the online registration at Tucson Youth Football & Spirit Federation
    • Registration Name must match participant's birth certificate!​
    • Select Tucson Jaguars for your organization of choice
  2. Print the completed online registration
  3. Print three (3) hard copies of each of the following documents:
    • Certified state birth certificate
    • 2017-2018 school year report card (all four quarters)
    • Sports physical dated after January 1, 2018 (wellness checks are not accepted)
  4. Bring all document hard-copies and registration fees to any of the in-person registrations, conditioning camps, or practices.

*Please note that your child's account must be paid in full before the season starts in order to be eligible to participate. Equipment will not be issued until all fees are paid in full!

View the entire registration packet (PDF) to see what you need before starting the online registration process.